My Wattbike Atom keeps flashing red/green when trying to connect

If when connecting your bike to the Wattbike App you notice the coloured circle next to your device ID flash green the red continuously, this is likely because you have a slightly older firmware version.

To provide you with a bit of background regarding why this issue is occurring, with the launch of the latest smartphones/tablets, these use a newer version of Bluetooth known as Bluetooth 5. Therefore, if a user has an iPhone 8, X or above or a new iPad Pro or any device using Bluetooth 5 then, unfortunately, they will not be able to update their Atom to v1.01.83.

How to resolve the issue:

Please note, this initial firmware update will have to be performed from a mobile device or tablet that uses Bluetooth 4 (i.e iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S or 7 along with the majority of iPads and Android devices that have been purchased before 2019). On an older device, mentioned previously, please download the Wattbike Hub App (v3.5.2) and connect via Just ride and this will prompt a device update. Once this has been installed you will then be able to connect using your Bluetooth 5 device.

Once this firmware has been installed then they will be able to trigger all subsequent updates using devices that use Bluetooth 5, however, please note these newer devices require Firmware v1.01.83 to connect.

Should you not be able to connect after following the above or alternatively you do not have an older device to perform this firmware update, please contact Customer Services here.

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