Model B Performance Monitor Firmware Update - Windows Manual Method

The video below provides instructions on how to update your firmware manually:

Alternatively, written instructions are provided below, please read them carefully before you start the process: 

These instructions have been written based on updating the monitor using a Windows 8 Operating System (W8OS). Although the procedure may look and be slightly different on predeceasing WOS’s these instructions are still applicable. Where they are not the same there will be instructions written (in brackets).

1. Download the latest Firmware version from the Wattbike website here. Change Log can be found here.

  • This will automatically start the download of the firmware.bin file* (less than 500Kb in size)
  • The download will automatically be saved into the default download folder (Usually ‘Downloads’)
  • Ensure you know where the firmware.bin file is located on the computer, for the later steps of this procedure. The firmware file will be named according to this scheme Wattbike-ModelB-firmware-[version number]-[release date].bin, e.g. Wattbike-ModelB-firmware-V12001-20141015.bin.

2. Ensure the monitor is plugged into the mains via the external power adapter (supplied with the bike) and is charging (Red Light ON signifies this**) **If the Red light does not display, the monitor is fully charged, but you should still plug it in. 

3. To initialise the update protocol called ‘Program Mode’;

  • Ensure the monitor is ‘OFF’
  • Hold the ‘ENTER’ button then press and release the ‘ON/OFF’ button
  • ‘Program Mode’ will appear on the monitor screen
  • Using the USB A-B cable (supplied with the bike) connect the computer running Windows to the monitor.

4. The windows operating system may initialise an ‘Installing new hardware window’ this is normal and should be left to be completed. Once this has finished a new window may*** open with the ‘firmware.bin’ file showing (fig 1.0)

*** If this window does not open automatically the WBM can be accessed by navigating to the ‘My computer’ or through the ‘File explorer’ (Windows 8) and selecting ‘Wattbike WPC’ Removable disc drive or similar from the side pane (Windows 8) or in ‘My computer’.

5. Delete the file firmware.bin in the WattbikeWPC location by right clicking, the click ‘Delete’, 

6. Once deleted, drag and drop (or copy) the newly downloaded firmware.bin file from the saved location on your Computer to the WattbikeWPC location see (fig 1.2), this will then;

7. Copy the firmware into the monitor and update

8. Once this is done the monitor will automatically disconnect from the computer and turn on displaying the main menu.

If at any point during this process something does not go according to these instructions and you suspect the monitor has been corrupted or still displays ‘Program Mode’ contact us here.

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