Exporting session data from Expert Software

If you have a Wattbike Performance Monitor that does not have Bluetooth functionality and you would like to export session data to Strava, Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks or WKO then you can use Expert software to export the data from your monitor;

  1. Download Expert Software here. (can only be used with Windows operating system)
  2. Turn the Wattbike Performance Monitor on and connect to your Windows computer using the USB A-B cable provided
  3. Select the Transfer Sessions button
  4. Transfer Sessions from: Select Device
  5. Select user you would like to import sessions from
  6. Click Sessions details
  7. Select the session you would like to import and then press Import
  8. Complete the Personal Data fields and select OK
  9. You will see a message saying Sessions Imported Successfully
  10. Click OK
  11. You will see the Transfer Sessions from Device screen again, click OK
  12. A Transfer Finished screen will appear, select the session you have imported and click Open File
  13. To export the analysis modules data (to Excel for instance) go to Analyse
  14. then Export analysis modules...
  15. The Export analysis modules values to ASCII dialogue box will open, select the Analysis modules to export: required and click Export and save to a folder
  16. To export the signal data (to Excel for instance) go to File then Export to ASCII
  17. The Export to ASCII dialogue box will open, select the Signals to export: click Export and save the file to a folder

Once this is complete you can use 3rd party websites such as Wattbike2Garmin to convert the file to a .tcx file.  Once the file is in a .tcx it can be uploaded to Stava, Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks or WKO.

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