How do I start/finish a plan within the Wattbike Hub?

Select the plan you wish to begin by navigating to the PLANS tab on your home screen.

Once you have selected the plan you will see a screen similar to the below:


Duration: The duration of the plan
Ends: The date the plan will end
Workout days: The amount of sessions you will complete (e.g. 1 session per day over 13 weeks)
Rest days: The amount of days you will have as rest throughout the plan

For example: The 'Health Beginner 1' plan is a duration of 13 weeks [91 days]. You will have 53 days rest and 38 days of training over a 13 week period. 

To begin the plan please select the play button [red triangle] in the top right hand corner. The Hub App will prompt that you are joining the plan and the play button will change to a stop button [red square]. Please note: Starting a plan will cancel any you are currently undertaking. 

To end the plan please select the stop button [red square] in the top right hand corner.

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