The Submaximal Ramp Test

The submax ramp test assumes a high level of basic fitness and low risk category of cardio vascular events. Consult your Doctor before you commence any of the Wattbike tests or training plans. A pre participation health screen should be completed for all individuals wishing to take part in exercise or an exercise program. The Wattbike tests are not suitable if you are a beginner, have been recently ill or injured. Exercise prescription for minors should only be carried out under supervision of a qualified scientist. Any self exercise prescription participation is done at your own risk. Derived from the ACSM’s exercise/ test participation recommendations.
Why complete this test

The submaximal ramp will calculate your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Maximum Minute Power (MMP) and Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), you can use this information to set personalised training zones and give structure to your training. 

When to use the submaximal ramp test

Use the submaximal ramp test at the start of a training plan or block of training to set your baseline performance figures. 

What is the submaximal ramp test

During this test you will ride in 15 watt increments until you experience a perceived rate of exertion (RPE) of 7 out of 10 (where 1= easy, 10= extremely hard), you’ll no longer be able to maintain a conversation when you reach an RPE of 7. 

How to complete the submaximal ramp test

The Model B Performance Monitor has a pre-programmed submax ramp test. Simply follow the instructions below to get started: 

Set your air resistance to level 8 on the Wattbike Trainer or 3 on the Wattbike Pro. 

1. From the main menu select workouts/ tests

2. On the test screen, select Submax Ramp

3. Input your age, weight in kg’s and gender

4. Input your starting Watts (we recommend 55W if you’re unfit or 100W if you’re regularly exercising) then press enter 

5. The live display will show your current interval and target watts

6. Once you have reached 7/10 on the Borg scale of exertion, press escape to end the test. 

How to interpret your results

Following the test, a ‘test’ screen will automatically appear which displays:

  • FTP
  • MMP
  • MHR
  • Power to weight ratio
  • VO2max estimate
  • METs (represents the intensity of the test) 

You can press the right arrow to switch between tabs for more information.

If you miss this summary screen, don’t worry, all test data is stored and can be accessed in Recall. 

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