Connect your Wattbike Pro/Trainer to Zwift via Bluetooth

Instructions for Wattbike Pro/Trainer

It is possible to connect your Wattbike Pro/Trainer to Zwift via Bluetooth, there are a couple of things we need to do first of all before you will be able to connect successfully.

Please ensure your monitor has the most up to date firmware. A link to the firmware guide can be found here.

Then, update the Bluetooth chip in the Wattbike Pro/Trainer, this is done through the Wattbike app. You can download the app and read about its features here.

Once the Wattbike Hub has been downloaded and you are running the most up to date firmware you will need to connect the two, this can be done with the following instructions:

During this process the phone will urge your to update the Bluetooth chip and ask for you to put the monitor into Bluetooth programming mode. Simply follow the onscreen prompts.

  • Ensure that all apps using Bluetooth on the device you are wishing to connect are closed.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth on your device. If you have both your iPad and iPhone in close proximity ensure only the device you are wishing to connect to the monitor has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Go onto your Wattbike monitor and follow the following steps. Go to Settings > Remote > Bluetooth On
  • Open your Wattbike Hub app on the device that you are wanting to connect to the Wattbike Performance Monitor (WPM).
  • Select a workout/test or just ride. Press the small white triangle at the bottom left of your device.
  • The serial number of your WPM should appear. Select this number, a red tick will appear once it has connected successfully.
  • Select Done. The serial number of your bike should now appear on the top right hand side of the screen if connected successfully.
  • Click the white play triangle at the bottom of the screen and continue with your workout.

Once this has been done I would advise maybe trying a couple of sessions on the app and have an explore of its features, I think you will find it a great assistance to any training you are doing.

If you want to connect to Zwift then simply follow the link below.

  1. If you are wanting to run Zwift through your computer then you will need to download a mobile link to your iPhone or smart device, this will then push the data via Bluetooth to your laptop.  Click here to download the Zwift mobile link.
  2. To download the Zwift computer app click here.
  3. Then follow the below instructions here.

If you are wanting to just run Zwift straight through your smart device, such as an iPhone or Android then you can download the app here.

To found out about what other apps you can connect to your Wattbike click here.

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