Wattbike CIMPSA Accredited Education Courses

Please note: The below is only available to Mainland UK. 


Wattbike have developed a range of workshops to ensure fitness professionals have the
most up to date information available on how to deliver effective indoor cycling workouts
and classes.

Workshops cover all topics from bike setup to fitness testing and with timings ranging from
a 1 hour express introductory workshop to full day sessions, there is an education solution
to suit every need.

All the Wattbike workshops are CIMSPA accredited and delivered by our team of highly
qualified Master Trainers.

New workshops for 2018:

  • Express Introductory Worksop
  • The Introductory Workshop
  • Fitness Assessment and Testing (FAST)
  • Small Group Training

To book, please contact sales@wattbike.com or speak to your regional sales

Level 1

1. Express Introductory Workshop

An express top line introduction to the Wattbike covering all the Wattbike’s features
and how they can benefit gym members and how gym staff can test, set
training zones and create unique meaningful sessions. 

Price: £150 Ex. VAT, €170, $210 
Length: 1 Hour
Delivered by: Master Trainers or Sales Team

The workshop consists of: 
1-Hour Session on:
Set up
Monitor run through
Gearing and Resistance basics
Polar View basics
Wattbike Hub (Smart device app)

2. Introductory Workshop

Covers everything about the bike from how to perform a basic bike fit, what is and
how to use the Polar View, through to testing and setting training zones and how
to maintain the Wattbike. A truly unique workshop leaving attendees with the tools
and knowledge of how to use the world’s best indoor bike.

Price: £450 Ex. VAT, €515, $620 
Length: 4 Hours
Delivered by: Master Trainer Network

The workshop consists of:
Brief history of the bike
How to do a more in-depth set up and how to do a ‘best fit’ bike fit
How to navigate the Performance Monitor
How to correctly use resistance and gearing 
What is and how to use the Polar View to benefit the PTs and staff
How to use the tests to benefit the PTs and gym staff
How to use the Wattbike Hub app
How to properly maintain and keep the Wattbikes in the best working condition,
including fault reporting and 6-point check 

3. Fitness Assessment and Testing Workshop (FAsT)

A masterclass in how to safely and effectively carry out reliable and valid person-
specific assessments. Covering, explaining and teaching 2x Sub-max and 3x
Maximal tests and much more, This workshop will enable and show you how to
confidently use the world’s most versatile indoor testing and training tool.

Price: £450 Ex. VAT, €515, $620 
How long is it: 3-4 Hours
Delivered by: Master Trainer Network

Pre-requisite: 1- Hour or 4-Hour Workshop

The workshop consists of:
How to carry out reliable and valid person-specific assessments
Explain and teach how to apply 2x sub-maximal tests: The 10’ Progress Test and
Sub-maximal Ramp Test
Explain and teach how to apply 3x maximal tests, the 6” Power Peak Test, 3’ Aerobic
Test and the 20’ FTP test
Explain and teach about heart rate and power training zones and how to use them
with clients
Supply the assessment materials so the tests can be used straight away (Test
Resource Pack)
Earn an accreditation in Wattbike Testing and Assessment  

Level 2

1. Small Group Training (SGT)

Small group cycling has emerged in the past few years as a vital element in
providing engaging, motivating programming that gets results This workshop will
enable fitness professionals to deliver a truly unique indoor cycling
experience. Combined with exciting and challenging class content the Wattbike SGT
Workshop is designed to enhance the Wattbike experience in health clubs and

£800 Ex. VAT (For SGT Manual, BASE + Master Trainer Workshop)
€915, $1100
Delivered by: Master Trainer Network
Pre-requisite: Express Introductory Workshop or Introductory Workshop

The workshop consists of:

Recap on info covered in the introductory workshop
An introduction to the content packs (see below)
Practical tips on teaching a group
Experience of taking part in a Wattbike group cycling class
Key elements of training with power and use of zones
Tips on how to deliver a class to participants of varying abilities
Using Polar View and other Wattbike data
Performance Testing

Supporting Materials

Training Manual +BASE (Fundamentals):
A full training manual is provided with all supporting information on bike setup and
class structure as well as a 6 week periodised training programme to deliver.


Unique content focusing on the fundamentals of training and pedalling technique.
This is great introduction to Wattbike SGT basing much of the training around Polar
View and Pedalling Effectiveness Score.

Programmes available at additional cost: £250


This category of workouts is focused around conditioning the body to train across all
zones to develop all round fitness. Engaging content suitable for riders of all abilities.


Specifically designed programmes to target fitness gains and
performance.  Suitable for people working towards a specific athletic achievement.


A pack of individual workouts inspired on content from Base, Build and Perform
categories. Allows for true versatility and flexibility when running SGT. The choice
content for an open time table drop in SGT set up.

For full details on how you can benefit from Wattbike SGT, contact the sales team on 0115
945 5450 or email sales@wattbike.com.

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