How to connect to the Wattbike Hub App

The Wattbike Hub is a training and analysis platform made up of a mobile/ tablet app (available on Android and iOS), cloud storage and web app

How to connect to the Wattbike Hub

Download the Wattbike Hub from your app store, see links below: 

Wattbike Hub on Android

Wattbike Hub on iOS

Connect the Wattbike Hub to your Wattbike:

  • Turn on the device (iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.), turn on the atom via on switch at the back of the bike.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on the app and all apps running Bluetooth are not running.
  • Open Wattbike app and select a workout or just ride.
  • On the top right-hand corner of the screen please select the bike ID from the list of known Wattbike's.
  • Select Wattbike and the symbol will turn green


  • Press the play icon (White triangle) on the workout, the workout will give you a 5-second count down before the session starts.


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