How to install your pedals

To install your pedals, whether these are our Wellgo E148 dual sided pedals or our flat pedals provided with the Wattbike Atom, you will need a 15mm spanner and/or a 6mm Allen (Hex) key for our E148 pedals.

Within our example, we are using our Wellgo E148 dual sided pedals which support Shimano SPD (mtb) or Look Keo compatible cleats.

1. Rotate the cranks back to the 9 O'clock position and insert the long end of the 6mm Allen key provided into the end of Pedal (pictured below).

2. Rotate the pedal backwards in a counterclockwise direction to line up the pedal threads. This is a preventative step to minimise the chances of cross threading of the crank.


3. Once the threads have been aligned please rotate the pedal forwards in a clockwise direction to tighten the pedal onto the crank. Should you feel any resistance before all threads of the pedal have disappeared into the crank then please go back to Step 2 before cross threading the crank.

4. Once the pedal has been tightened and all threads are now within the crank you can use the shorter end of the provided Allen key to secure and tighten the pedal onto the crank. 

If there is no allen key hole within axle of the pedal then please carefully follow Step 2 by rotating the pedal thread backwards to align the threads. Then rotate forward to pick up the threads and continue tightening using a 15mm Allen Key. 

N.B Pedals are unlike most other screws, in that the left-hand pedal has an opposite thread. Therefore, all pedals tighten in a forwards manner.


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