What is the difference between a Wattbike Pro and a Trainer?

The Wattbike Pro and Trainer have the same functionality and ride feel, with the only difference being the resistance.  The Wattbike Trainer offers light to medium resistance (0-2000w) and a Wattbike Pro offers medium to high resistance (0-3760W).

Which resistance is right for you? 

If you are a lighter individual (80kg or less), looking to use the Wattbike for endurance training, or for weight management, then the Trainer would be more suitable.

If you want to have multiple users of the Wattbike, including children and partners, we would recommend the Wattbike Trainer.

If you are an experienced athlete or have a history in sports that involve explosive power such as rugby or sprinting, then we would suggest the Wattbike Pro would be most suited to your needs.

For further guidance, visit the Pro/Trainer product page and click 'which resistance is right for you' to access our Pro/Trainer resistance calculator.

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