Wattbike Performance Monitor Model A Features

  • Accurate tracking of performance data – Time (h:m:s), 1km Pace (m:s), Speed (km/h), Energy (Joules) and Power (Watts)
  • Four Text modes – Speed (/1km), Speed (km/h), Energy (J), Power (Watt)
  • Three Graph modes – Polar-Graph (Force Curve), Signal-Graph (Force Curve [N]) and Bar-Graph (Speed [km/h], Power [W] and Energy [J])
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – integrated heart rate display for Polar ANT/ANT+SPORT wireless technology
  • Power generation – this draws power from the cycling to extend the battery life
  • USB Interface – transfer of data to PC

Automatic Operation – Turn the WPC on, select ‘Just ride’, press ENTER and start pedaling and the WPC will give immediate feedback. The WPC turns off after 4 minutes if inactive.

There are seven basic screens, 4 Text Modes and 3 Graph Modes.

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