When using the Wattbike Hub, my sessions are not sending through to Strava

Have you connected with Strava?

On the App go to Settings > Profile, scroll down and under under 'Accounts' make sure the Strava button is orange, if it is not click on it and link your accounts.

Try reconnecting with Strava.

On the App go to Settings > Profile, scroll down and under under 'Accounts' click the orange 'Disconnect with Strava' button to unlink your accounts, once it turns grey click it again to reconnect the accounts.

I'm connected but no sessions are appearing on Strava

Make sure your sessions are uploading the Wattbike Hub by checking you can view them on hub.wattbike.com

If they are appearing on hub.wattbike.com but not on Strava then please contact support and send through the link to the hub session i.e. hub.wattbike.com/session/1234567890 when you contact us.

Please Note: if you can see the session on the Wattbike Hub and want to manually load it onto Strava, scroll down the session screen and click the button to download the TCX file for this session (shown below). This file can be uploaded to Strava manually by logging into strava.com and using the link in the top right of your account 'Upload Activity'.


Sessions are being synced but not all session data is appearing on Strava

Please make sure all session data looks correct on the Wattbike Hub (hub.wattbike.com) and please contact us with a link to the session on the Hub e.g. 'https://hub.wattbike.com/session/1234567890' and a link to the session on Strava e.g. 'https://strava.com/activities/123456789'

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