Wattbike Polar View

What is the Wattbike Polar View?

The Wattbike Polar View is a unique analysis tool which can help you master the perfect pedalling technique.

Simply put, the Polar View is a graphical representation of your pedalling technique. It shows the balance between your left and right leg, the force you apply to the pedals and where exactly you apply this force within the pedal stroke.

How does the Polar View help improve performance?

Mastering the perfect pedalling technique makes your pedalling more effective and therefore helps you become a faster cyclist.

  • Improved power output - in the process of improving your pedalling technique, you will naturally use more of your active muscle groups and reduce the stress on your body which translates into improved power output and ultimately more speed. 
  • Enhanced recovery - effective pedalling reduces the stress placed on your body which means you will be less tired and you will also recover quicker.
  • Increased endurance - pedalling in an effective way means that, for the same effort, you can produce a higher power and sustain it for longer; which results in increased endurance. 

How to improve your pedalling technique

From bike set up to applying an even force, there are a number of ways to improve your pedalling technique.

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