Power to Weight Ratio

One way to maximise the value of the data the Wattbike provides is to work out your power to weight ratio (w/kg) then use this information to optimise your performance.

What is power to weight ratio?

Power to weight [W/Kg] ratio is the relationship between:

  • Power (measured in watts [W])
  • Weight (measured in kilograms [kg])


  Weight Max Minute Power (MMP) W/KG Ratio
Cyclist One 70 kg 350 5
Cyclist Two 90 kg 400 4.4 

You might expect cyclist two, with the higher Maximum Minute Power (MMP) score, to continually be ahead of cyclist one.

There are, however, a number of situations where higher power does not give you the advantage. This could be climbing up a long, steep hill or during a short distance sprint. In these instances, where gravity and drag have an influence, the cyclist with the higher power to weight ratio will often come out on top.

Why measure your power to weight ratio?

Working out your power to weight ratio will help you compare your ability to your friends and fellow cyclists, no matter what size you are. 

What is a typical power to weight ratio?

Typical power to weight ratios based on the three minute test are detailed below:

Rider Type W/KG based on three minute test
Professional 7.1
Amateur 3.7
Beginner 2.6

You can also work out your power to weight ratio based on the submax ramp test, 10 minute progress test and 20 minute test.

How to improve your power to weight ratio

There are two main ways to improve your power to weight ratio:

  1. Lose weight: A reduction in weight (KG) will bring your power to weight ratio up. However, this can be a risky tactic as a significant weight loss can actually result in loss of lean muscle mass. This means even though you weigh less, your power could also be reduced due to the loss in muscle mass.
  2. Increase your power: We’d recommend trying to increase your power whilst maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. This will give you your optimal power to weight ratio.

All of our training plans, which have been developed by our own sport scientist, will help to increase your power output and enhance your power to weight ratio.

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