Advanced Technical Workshop


Delivered by Wattbike’s sport scientist Eddie Fletcher, the Advanced Technical Workshop provides a detailed insight into how the Wattbike works. Following the workshop, you will understand how the Wattbike can be used to conduct fitness tests and cycling specific tests. You will also learn how to prescribe exercise and training on a Wattbike, using the powerful analysis capability of the Wattbike Performance Monitor and software to measure and analyse performance. 

This intense one day Workshop is aimed at serious cyclists, coaches, health and fitness professionals who want to understand the science behind the Wattbike. It assumes a good level of scientific and physiological understanding.

During the day you will learn about:

  • All the Wattbike Performance Monitor functions - A detailed look at all the display screens
  • How the Wattbike works, its accuracy, the importance of air resistance, cadence and power relationships - Understanding power (Watts) and how to use it
  • How to assess the correct cycling position on a Wattbike - The general principles of bike set up
  • The importance of and how to assess and improve pedalling technique - A detailed look at pedalling technique using the Wattbike’s unique force curve (Polar view) using practical examples and material created during the workshop
  • How to use the Wattbike Expert analysis software and basic performance analysis - Delving into the powerful analysis capabilities of Wattbike Expert software using practical examples and material created during the workshop
  • Fitness and Cycling Testing using the Wattbike & Wattbike Expert Software - Types and appropriateness of different test methodologies on the Wattbike using practical examples and material created during the workshop
  • Introduction to Power Cycling software and the Wattbike’s digital platform, the Wattbike Hub

Whilst we will not be asking you to work ‘hard’ much of the ‘learning’ is practical and you will spend time on the Wattbike. You will need appropriate clothing (including a towel) – showers are available. If you have your own pedals feel free to bring them with you. The Wattbike has normal toe clips on one side and SPD fitting on the other.

The day will start at 9:30 am and finish at approximately 4:30 pm. The Workshops are held at the Wattbike Test and Training Centre based at Fletcher Sport Science Ltd, Stewart House, Enterprise Way, Vale Business Park, Evesham, WR11 1GS

Cost £299pp

I thoroughly enjoyed the training day with Eddie last week. Quite simply, it was the best training course I have been on for very many years.

Neil Boston, Saturn Fitness and Wellness

All about gearing, leg speed and pedalling technique

A half day workshop starting at 10:00 am and finishing at 2:00 pm – learn how to harness the power of the Wattbike to understand and improve bike gear selection. Understand the importance of leg speed and drills to increase and use leg speed to improve cycling performance. Practice and understand what your force curve looks like, how it compares to the ‘ideal’ and what you can do to improve it for more effective pedalling technique. In essence how to get more for less!

Please contact for course dates and availability

Cost £120 pp, minimum number 4

Thanks for a great day! A very informative and enjoyable day!  It has given me much to think about from a personal fitness point of view as well.

Mark Hartley – Velo-esprit

Know your numbers; find your heart rate and power training zones

A half day workshop starting at 10:00 am and finishing at 2:00 pm – learn how to harness the power of the Wattbike to understand your numbers and find your heart rate and training zones. This workshop will also cover some of the basics of pedalling technique and provide cadence and gear selection for each zone.

Understand the importance of, and practice warm up/cool down and undertake a test to establish your personal training zones.

The workshop will also look at breathing techniques and ways to improve inspiratory muscle strength (which will be tested)

Please contact for course dates and availability

Cost £150 pp (£185 to include a Powerbreathe Sport Inspiratory Muscle Trainer), minimum number 4

Can I just say what a fantastic day we all had today; the bike, App and interface far exceeded my expectations. We would love to look at using them for all our testing and rehabilitation sessions.

Laurence Plant – Athlete Service

Individual Cycling Assessment

Bike set up, Blood Pressure, Body Mass Analysis, Lung Function, Inspiratory Muscles, Pedalling Technique, Structured Warm up/Cool down, Cycling Ramp test, VO2max (using HRvariability analysis), HR and Power training zone assessment (3 hours)

Cost £270

Thanks for yesterday, really interesting day and got huge amounts out of it.

 Dean Sutton, Director of Performance – Pure Sports Medicine


To book any of the above courses please contact Eddie Fletcher direct, 01386 40050 or 07711 092733.

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