Model B Performance Monitor Firmware Update - Mac Instructions

The WPM firmware update procedure on OSX can only be performed with the Terminal application. Using a drag and drop from Finder (in the same way that you would in Windows) causes some extra files and folders to be copied to the WPM in programming mode, the WPM does not recognise these files and enters an undefined state and needs to be reset.

Procedure for upgrade of firmware with using of Terminal on Apple Mac computers:

1. Download the latest firmware version from the web site and save it to your desktop.  This can be found here.

2. Change the file name to firmware.bin for ease of typing at a later stage. (to do this, click on the firmware, press return/enter on your keyboard and then type the new file name

3. Connect your WPM to your Mac via a USB cable. Ensure it is switched off, then press and hold Enter and press the Power button and release. The screen should display the worlds Program Mode. (if not switch it off and try again). The WPM will then appear in finder as WattbikeWPC

4. Open Terminal: Go to Applications->Utilities and start the terminal.

5. Erase the current firmware file in the Monitor using the following command:

rm /volumes/wattbikewpc/firmware.bin

6. Now Copy the new firmware file to the Perfromance Computer with the following command

cp $HOME/desktop/firmware.bin/volumes/wattbikewpc

Please note: Copying the files may take a couple of minutes. You may see the following error message, this can be ignored: cp: /Users/andy/desktop/delete/firmware.bin: could not copy extended attributes to /volumes/wattbikewpc/firmware.bin: No space left on device

7. After doing this, Wattbike Monitor will restart, and the computer will show following error message.

This is due to the WPM terminating the connection with the computer. Click OK 

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