How do I build my Atom?

Building the Atom couldn't get much simpler, watch our video to understand how to assemble.

In the box

  • 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm Allen keys
  • 15mm spanner
  • Power adaptor
  • Combination pedals
  • Device holder
  • Tri-bars
  • Atom Tri-pads
  • Atom

Build your Atom

  1. Remove the Atom and its accessories from the packaging.
  2. Screw the right pedal onto the right crank.  Tighten clockwise securely using the 15mm spanner.
  3. Screw the left pedal onto the left crank.  Tighten anti-clockwise securely using the 15mm spanner.
  4. Take the two Tri-bars and insert them into the Tri-bar clamps.
  5. Level up the two Tri-bar ends in the clamps, tighten the securing screw using the 4mm Allen key.
  6. To mount the Tri-pads, remove the Velcro pad from the Tri-pad cup.  Remove the screws from the mount. Line up the holes in the mount with the Tri-pad cup.  Insert the two screws and tighten using the 4mm Allen key.
  7. Before riding the Atom ensure all bolts are tight to secure the handlebar fixings.
  8. Plug your Atom into a wall outlet using the power adaptor provided.  Make sure the switch on the
    outlet and on the rear of the Atom are turned on.
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