How should I set up my Atom?

Watch our video for a quick and easy guide on how to set up your Atom before you ride.

Use the corresponding levers and adjusters to set up the Atom to your preferred cycling position.
Make all adjustments off the bike.

  1. Raise or lower your saddle height using the lever on the rear of the saddle stem. Loosen the lever
    to adjust the stem and tighten to secure.
  2. Adjust your saddle fore/aft position using a 4mm Allen key to loosen the saddle slider. After adjusting, tighten to secure.
  3. Set your handlebar height using the lever on the front of the handlebar stem. Loosen the lever to raise or lower the handlebars, tighten to secure.
  4. Adjust your handlebar fore/aft position using the 5mm Allen key to loosen the handlebar. After adjusting, tighten to secure.
    TIP: We recommend you have your handlebars between 4-10cm lower than your saddle height.
  5. Open the red locking rings on the device holder and slide your device into place. Rotate the red locking rings backwards to secure.
  6. Visit to accurately replicate your real ride bike figures onto the Atom.



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