Connecting to Strava, Training Peaks & Apple Health

This article will help you connect your Wattbike Hub account to Strava, Training Peaks and Apple Health.

  • Log into your Wattbike Hub account via your smart device.
  • Select 'Settings' within the menu, select 'Profile' and scroll to the bottom of the screen. You will see the logo's for Strava, Training Peaks and Apple Health.
  • Select the icon of the apps you wish to connect to. You will be taken to the apps authorisation page in which you must complete your login details for that specific app. For example, if you select Strava you will need to login with your Strava account details.
  • If the connection has been made successfully the apps selection box will turn the colour of the app. E.G. Strava - Orange. From this point on all future sessions will push automatically once a good Wifi connection has been established.

Please note: Data can sometimes take some time to push through, especially if the session you have completed is particularly long.

Any retrospective session you are wanting to be uploaded can be done so by logging into the online portal select the session, and then download the TCX file which can be manually uploaded into your app of choice. 

If you experience uploading your sessions please contact Customer Services and provide a link to your session, detailing the issues you are experiencing.

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