Connecting your Model B Monitor to your Wattbike Hub App

We would advise deleting the current app on your smart device and re-downloading to ensure you have the most up to date version. Once this is complete log back to the app and follow these instructions:

  • Ensure that all apps using Bluetooth on the device you are wishing to connect are closed.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth on your device. If you have both your iPad and iPhone in close proximity ensure only the device you are wishing to connect to the monitor has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Go onto your Wattbike monitor and follow the following steps. Go to Settings > Remote > Bluetooth On
  • Open your Wattbike Hub app on the device that you are wanting to connect to the Wattbike Performance Monitor (WPM).
  • Select a workout/test or just ride. Press the small white triangle at the bottom left of your device.
  • The serial number of your WPM should appear. Select this number, a red tick will appear once it has connected successfully.
  • Select Done. The serial number of your bike should now appear on the top right hand side of the screen if connected successfully.
  • Click the white play triangle at the bottom of the screen and continue with your workout.
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