Can I see my distance on the Wattbike Hub app?

iOS & Android Wattbike Hub app (Wattbike Atom, next generation Wattbike Atom)

To see your total distance during a workout on the Wattbike Hub app, simply tap the 'Cadence' tile. The 5th tap will show your total workout distance. This is shown in meters up to 999m, and then in kilometers to two decimal places after that.

You will also see your total distance in every session summary. This can be accessed via 'History' and by tapping on one of your completed sessions. Distance will show at the very top of the workout summary.

Performance Touchscreen (Wattbike AtomX & Wattbike Nucleus)

Your total distance during a workout on the Performance Touchscreen is shown in the 'Distance' tile. You can also see your speed by tapping on 'Distance'. Tap again to get the total distance back. Total distance can also be found in each session summary by tapping 'History' in the top-right menu bar.

Performance Monitor (Wattbike Pro/Trainer)

During a workout, just click on the right arrow button to scroll through the different screens until you can see your total distance.

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