Wattbike Nucleus & AtomX: Performance Touchscreen 3.9.5 Update

The Performance Touchscreen (PTS) update will take place between midnight on 9th December GMT and 1 am on 10th December GMT. 

This update introduces minor bug fixes resolving hidden buttons during email login and a bug which prevented some customers launching Interval Builder workouts when the PTS was offline during startup.

'Exam Mode' has been relabelled as 'Demo Mode' to ensure clarity, and the PTS now automatically logs users out if the Energy Saving timer shuts down the PTS. 

This release also resolves resistance issues in Gear Mode on the AtomX experienced by some customers and allows Nucleus Eco Design dongle functionality to make your Wattbikes more environmentally friendly.

In addition, French-speaking users can now switch the Performance Touchscreen language to French by going to ‘Advanced Settings’ > scrolling down to ‘Change Language’ and clicking ‘CHANGE’, then choosing ‘French’.

To get the latest Performance Touchscreen update, please ensure that:

  1. Check the PTS is connected to a WIFI network (the 'Network' icon in the top bar should be red).
  2. Ensure the Auto Firmware Update is enabled on the PTS (click the serial number in top left of screen > click Advanced Settings > scroll down to Auto Firmware Update).
  3. Turn the PTS power on, ideally ahead of the update window (click the serial number > click Advanced Settings > scroll down to Change Timer Durations > check that Energy Saving Timer is set to off).
  4. Once the update is complete you can switch the Energy Saving Timer back to your preferred duration.
  5. If you are still experiencing resistance in Gear Mode after the update, restart the PTS by pressing the Power button on the rear until the restart option appears
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