Wattbike Hub App release and Next Generation Wattbike Atom firmware update - December 2020

Wattbike Hub App release

A new Wattbike Hub app release for iOS and Android devices will be live on the App and Google store by Thursday 10 December.

This release adds power and heart rate zones to your user profile screen on the Wattbike Hub app. To view your power and heart rate zones, simply click ‘Profile’ and scroll down. 

Distance has also been added as an additional metric to the ride screen. Simply tap the cadence component during a ride - the final value will now display your total distance. 


How to update the Wattbike Hub app

  1. Navigate to the Wattbike Hub app page on the App Store or Google Play and tap 'Update'.
  2. Once you've updated the Hub app, open it and click Quick Ride session.


Next generation Wattbike Atom new firmware

This release also introduces new firmware for the Next Generation Wattbike Atom (v.1.3.28) that resolves some gear mode resistance issues experienced by users. 

The app also introduces a new beta firmware (v.6.3.28) for the Next Generation Wattbike Atom which aims to resolve ergo mode resistance issues and improve general Bluetooth connectivity issues experienced by a small number of users during Hub ride sessions. You can switch to the beta firmware in settings  > ‘preferences’: simply select ‘Use beta firmware’.

*Beta firmware may not resolve all issues.  If you experience further issues using Beta firmware please turn this off and update to the production firmware


To get the latest Next Generation Atom firmware, please ensure you have updated the most recent version of the Wattbike Hub app (instructions in section above). When you connect the latest Hub app to your bike it will automatically prompt you to update the firmware on screen. 


2017 Wattbike Atom

No firmware update.

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