How to connect your Wattbike Pro/Trainer to Rouvy

Please see below for our instructions on how to connect your Wattbike Pro/Trainer to Rouvy:

  1. Turn on your Wattbike Pro/Trainer monitor and ensure Bluetooth is turned on. 
  2. Launch the RouvyAR app on your smart device (smartphone or tablet).
  3. Choose a route from the ride selection on the Rouvy app.
  4. Click on the 'Connect Sensors' button in the top left of the screen.
  5. The RouvyAR app will search for all available connections and will try to connect automatically.
  6. Check the 'Power Source', 'Cadence' & 'Controllable' sensors list and make sure the correct Wattbike serial number is connected (if not, click 'change' and choose another from the list). 
  7. If any sensors aren't connected click the green 'Connect' button to search for them manually. Choose ‘Power Source’ and ‘Cadence’ to connect to your Wattbike Pro/Trainer.
  8. Click the 'X' in the top right of the screen to close the Cycling Devices screen.
  9. The black box in the top left corner should now show live power and cadence values.
  10. Press the green 'Start' button to begin your ride.
  11. Place your smart device in the device holder at the top of the Performance Monitor (don’t have a device holder? Get one here).
  12. Follow the Rouvy route on your smart device, and you will be able to see all your live Wattbike data in the Performance Monitor at the same time.


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