What is the difference between a Wattbike and an exercise bike?

We consider the Wattbikes to be much more than an exercise bike. The technology used in our products is much more advanced than your typical exercise bike.

An exercise bike in its very basic form is a fixed flywheel bike (so when you stop pedaling the cranks continue to go round and pull your legs) that either gives no data or will only give you very limited data in comparison to the Wattbike. 

In contrast, the Wattbike will measure your power from an in-built strain gauge and we pride ourselves on being accurate to +/- 1% across the full power range. In addition to this, all Wattbikes use a freewheel mechanism, so when you stop pedaling the flywheel keeps moving but the pedals don't, exactly like a real road bike.

Additionally, all Wattbikes feature open platform connectivity, which is something most exercise bikes do not offer. This allows riders to choose for themselves which training apps they want to use to improve their performance. 

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