I am experiencing Bluetooth drop-outs on my Wattbike Atom during a workout

What we're seeing

We are aware of some riders experiencing Bluetooth drop-outs during a workout on the next generation Wattbike Atom. Depending on which app is being used, this can end the session prematurely.

We've isolated the issue to one of electrical interference, whereby some home appliances and devices are interrupting the Bluetooth connection. Whilst this is a relatively common problem with Bluetooth, we are improving the resilience of our products to combat this issue.

What we've done

A beta firmware update (version 6.03.29) was released on 26th January for both iOS and Android. This update includes measures to improve Bluetooth resistance to external electrical interference.

Alongside this, we are actively pursuing additional upgrades to ensure if a drop-out does occur, that your data and your riding experience aren't affected within all apps and that reconnecting is seamless. Our product team are working on this functionality, which is currently scheduled to be released 22nd February 2021.

What you can do

If you are experiencing issues with Bluetooth drop-outs, we recommend downloading the latest Wattbike Hub app and to use the beta firmware on your Wattbike Atom. The beta firmware can be accessed through Settings > Preferences > scroll to the bottom > enable 'Use Beta firmware'

Please also minimise the impact of other devices, if possible, especially major appliances such as boilers, microwave ovens, or anything else using a radio or Bluetooth functionality.

If you are still experiencing issues after using the Beta firmware, please get in touch with our customer services.

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