What is a smart bike?

The Wattbike Atom is the premier choice for home users, which works using electromagnetic resistance which you adjust using the Bluetooth connected shifters in the handlebars. 

It is much more like a standard road bike set up rather than a standard exercise bike. We have tried as much as possible to re-create and replicate that real ride feel. You will also notice that it has what's called Ergo mode

This is where the bike will adjust its resistance according to a set Wattage in relation to your cadence. This is how it becomes a 'Smart Bike' where you can simply press the 'Play' button in the App and the session's resistance will change automatically in relation to your training zones or selected workouts and climbs. 

You can also enjoy using many compatible 3rd party apps with the Atom which will also utilise this technology and control the bike's resistance for you. 

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