The 20 Minute Warm Up

Why warm up

A warm up offers many benefits including; increased muscle temperature, increased core temperature and mental preparation which all help to improve your overall performance. 

When to use the 20 minute warm up

Use the 20 minute warm up to prepare for any of the tests listed below, or in preparation for a high intensity training session where you will be entering Zone 4 and above.

What is the 20 minute warm up

During this warm up you will ride at a cadence of 90-110 rpm, gradually stepping up the intensity and heart rate. Toward the end of the session, you’ll include three ‘rev outs’ at max cadence. 


The warm up

Time  5 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes 1:30 minutes  30 seconds  2 minutes 6 seconds 1 minute 6 seconds 1 minute 6 seconds 2:42 minutes
Cadence 90 95 100 105 110 120 90 Max 90 Max 90 Max 90

The 20 minute warm up is available as a standalone session in the Wattbike Hub

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