How much maintenance does the Wattbike Pro/Trainer require?

The Wattbike Pro/Trainer is designed to require minimal maintenance and should withstand heavy usage.

If you notice any unusual symptoms, such as loud noises or grinding during operation, stop using your Pro/Trainer and contact Wattbike for support.

After Every Session

To ensure your Pro/Trainer stays in good condition remove all sweat, dust, dirt or other substances by using a clean, soft cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleaner.

  • Do not spray any cleaner directly onto the bike, always into the cloth first.
  • Wipe down the exterior covers and frame, saddle, handlebar and monitor.
  • Make sure that the handlebar stem and saddle stem are not over the MIN markers.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Vacuum the floor under and around the Wattbike.
  • Inspect the feet bolts, saddle and handlebar sliders and monitor bracket for looseness. Tighten as necessary.
  • Inspect the saddle and handlebar stem adjustments. Tighten as necessary.
  • Check that the pedals are secure. Tighten as necessary.
  • Ensure that no sweat/ liquid is pooling on the metalwork or covers.
  • Lubricate, using a 3-In-One Multi-Purpose Spray Oil or similar product, the thread of the locking and adjustment levers.
  • Check the battery level on the monitor, from Main Menu, Properties, and then Battery. If the level is below 50% charge using the external charger for a period of 8-12 hours. We recommend that you do this every 1-2 weeks.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Check for smooth and quiet operation of all moving parts.
  • Check your monitor firmware version in the Properties section. Compare to the latest monitor firmware version at and update if necessary.

Biannual Maintenance

  • Using a 3-In-One Multi-Purpose Spray Oil or similar product lubricate the chain. To do this use place the straw of spray lubricant between the cover and the chain ring close to the chain itself. This step requires you to remove the right hand cover.
  • Spray gently down towards the floor and rotate the crank anti clockwise twice.

Please see page 80 of the Owners Manual for further information on preventative maintenance.

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