Estimating Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) and Maximum Minute Power (MMP)

The only way to properly determine your maximum heart rate and maximum minute power is to conduct a structured ramp test. 

These tests, however, cause physical stress and can be uncomfortable. We advise that you don’t undertake these tests without medical clearance and as such, you might be looking for an alternative way to calculate your maximum heart rate and maximum minute power. 

How to calculate your maximum heart rate

There are a number of methods available to calculate maximum heart rate, but remember your cycling heart rate could be 5 beats lower than your running maximum heart rate. 

The formula we use: 

MHR = 215 (bpm) - your age


MHR = 215 (bpm) - 46 = 169 

How to calculate your maximum minute power

The three minute test is designed to replicate the stresses of the final minute of a ramp test and therefore is a good way to estimate your maximum minute power. 

After undertaking a three minute test on the Wattbike, the performance monitor extrapolates your data to provide an estimated maximum minute power. 

How to use your MHR and MMP

Once you know your MHR and MMP you can use these figures to set structured training zones.

Read more about training zones and calculate yours here.

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