FTP Test (20 Minute Threshold Test)

The 20 minute test detailed assumes a high level of basic fitness and low risk category of cardio vascular events. Consult your Doctor before you commence any of the Wattbike tests or training plans. A pre participation health screen should be completed for all individuals wishing to take part in exercise or an exercise program. The Wattbike tests are not suitable if you are a beginner, have been recently ill or injured. Exercise prescription for minors should only be carried out under supervision of a qualified scientist. Any self exercise prescription participation is done at your own risk. Derived from the ACSM’s exercise/ test participation recommendations. 

Why complete this test

The 20 minute threshold test can be used to calculate your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), you can use this information to set personalised FTP training zones and give structure to your training. 

When to use the 20 minute threshold test

If you’re a more experienced cyclist, try using the 20 minute threshold test to determine you FTP at the beginning of a training plan. You can also use it sporadically to check your progress throughout your training. 

What is the 20 minute threshold test

During this test you should ride at an intensity that you can sustain throughout, but also one which allows you to exert maximal effort. The image below shows a well paced 20 minute test:

How to complete the 20 minute threshold test

The Model B Performance Monitor has a pre-programmed 20 minute threshold test. Simply follow the instructions below to get started: 

Firstly, select the air resistance which will allow you to achieve a benchmark cadence of 95rpm. Take a look at the power, cadence and resistance tables for guidance. 

1. From the main menu select workouts/ tests

2. On the test screen, select 20’ Threshold

3. Input your age, weight in kg’s and gender, then press enter

4. Once the progress bar has disappeared, you can start your test

5. The live display will show cadence and power and a live countdown to the end of the test.

Alternatively watch our video for a guide on how to complete the test.

How to interpret your results

Following the test, a ‘test’ screen will automatically appear which displays:

  • Power avg.
  • HR avg.
  • Threshold HR
  • Threshold Power - this is the FTP score 
  • MMP
  • Vo2
  • METS

You can press the right arrow to switch between tabs for more information. 

If you miss this summary screen, don’t worry, all test data is stored and can be accessed in Recall. 

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