Connecting to the Wattbike Hub App

The Wattbike Hub is a training and analysis platform made up of a mobile/ tablet app (available on Android and iOS), cloud storage and web app

How to connect to the Wattbike Hub

1. Download the Wattbike Hub from your app store, see links below: 

Wattbike Hub on Android

Wattbike Hub on iOS

2. Connect the Wattbike Hub to your Wattbike:

Click here to see full instructions for connecting the Wattbike Hub to the Wattbike Atom 

When connecting the Wattbike Hub to the Pro/Trainer, simply click on the session you want to complete, then ensure you have the correct model (identified the the serial number) by clicking 'Wattbike' on the top right of the screen and selecting the correct bike. 

3. Start your session. For further instructions on how to use the Wattbike Hub, read our related articles:

Wattbike Hub 101: A Guide To The Wattbike Hub For Beginners 

How to use the Wattbike Hub app with the Atom

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