How to connect a Heart Rate Monitor to your Wattbike Atom

The Wattbike Atom can connect to Bluetooth™, ANT+, ANT, Polar and Wattbike heart rate belts. They can be paired up in the Wattbike Hub before starting your session.

TIP: Wear your heart rate belt before trying to connect it to your Atom. You can also connect to your heart rate belt during a session using the Wattbike Hub - simply tap the HR sensor in the top right hand corner of the screen and select your belt.

1. Tap the play button to begin your session.

2. When finished, press the pause button then the stop button. The session will be saved and uploaded to the Wattbike Hub (when an internet connection is available).

For further guidance on connecting heart rate monitors to the Wattbike Atom, see page nine of the Wattbike Atom User Guide

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