Using Apps With Your Wattbike Pro/Trainer

Wattbike connects to some of the most popular indoor training and fitness apps, so you can keep training in the way that works for you. Make sure your monitor is up to date with the latest Firmware to ensure you can access all the latest features. 

Wattbike Hub

If you’re looking for a personal coach in your pocket, look no further than our very own smartphone app, the Wattbike Hub. Built in workouts let you test, train and analyse your performance all from one simple digital platform.

Equipment Needed

  • A Bluetooth enabled phone

Find out more about the Wattbike Hub


Strava is the most popular ride companion for many cyclists. If you’re a Strava user you’ll be pleased to hear you can record your Wattbike data through the Hub, then integrate your session into Strava, so you never miss a chance for Kudos!

Equipment Needed

How to link to Strava via ANT+
How to link to Strava via Bluetooth


If you find indoor training a lonely affair, Zwift could be the perfect solution. Connect your Wattbike to Zwift via ANT+ and you’ll see your speed, power and cadence stats in real time as you compete against fellow riders or amble along on a casual group ride.

Equipment Needed

How to connect to Zwift via ANT+
How to connect to Zwift via Bluetooth

The Sufferfest

If you’re committed to training hard and love a high intensity workout, then give The Sufferfest a try. Simply connect your Wattbike to The Sufferfest app via ANT+ to see your speed, power and cadence data in real time. It’s time to record just how hard you’re suffering!

Equipment Needed

How to connect to The Sufferfest via ANT+
How to connect to The Sufferfest via Bluetooth


Want an almost limitless bank of structured workouts on your Wattbike? Simply connect to TrainerRoad via ANT+ to take advantage of any of their numerous workouts and training plans.

Equipment Needed

How to connect to TrainerRoad


TrainingPeaks is a great training partner, offering fitness software across mobile and desktop, with structured workouts and the ability to track progress from anywhere.  You can share your Wattbike data with TrainingPeaks through the Wattbike Performance Monitor.

Equipment Needed

  • A computer with Wattbike Expert Software installed

How to share data with TrainingPeaks


Whilst not strictly an app, many cyclists use a Garmin device to record and analyse their data. If you own a Garmin device, you'll be pleased to hear the Wattbike is compatible with most models and the setup process is simple.

Equipment Needed

How to connect your Garmin device

How to share data with Garmin Connect

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